COVID-19: Guidelines and recommendations

A message to our community regarding COVID-19, our salon is following strict guidelines at the moment in order to protect the safety of clients and employees. Please keep in mind that these guidelines will be in effect during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic and may be adjusted as necessary, and they will be reduced when safe to do so. Stay Safe!
-Simis Team


Our salon policy to streamline your experience with us

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are not completely satisfied, that would make us miss our main goal. We kindly suggest you to let us know during your treatment or within 7 days after your service has been performed if there are any needed enhancements or if there was a fault on our side. We will be committed to offer you a free correction within the aforementioned time span

About Us

At Salon Simis & Spa Fairfax, Virginia, we pride ourselves on providing you great hair care and spa services. Our talented stylists use premium of hair-care products that are both organic and cruelty-free, which we also sell.

Hair stylists in our salon are highly trained in Europe and who dedicate themselves to learn the latest techniques and treatments. Our dedication to leading-edge practices and continuous improvement directly benefits each and every client.

Our treatment products are made from natural, animal cruelty free and botanical ingredients.

Many of them available for purchase at Salon Simis & Spa


Why am I being surcharged when I use my credit card?

A payment card surcharge, also known as a checkout fee, is an additional fee that U.S. merchants can add to a consumer's bill when he or she uses a credit card for payment, which matches the merchant's interchange fees. We impose a surcharge of 3.5% on the transaction amount on credit cards. We do not surcharge debit cards.

We've selected products from individual companies to ensure the very best results for the vast array of beauty treatments that we offer

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Brands that we carefully selected for our treatments

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Our master stylists will test your customized at-home hair color kit.

Order your custom Home Hair Color Kit

Salon Simis Home Hair Color Kit comes with everything you need to get your hair in preparation for your new desired color. It contains everything you need to get your DIY hair transformation easy. For ordering and information inquiries please contact us