Senior Stylist$60+
Master Stylist$85+
DescriptionShort / medium / long
Senior Stylist$140 / $160 / $180+
Master Stylist$160 / $180 / $200+


DescriptionPrices can be higher for thicker hair and other factors.
Master StylistFrom $105
Description Rated hourly
Master Stylist Please consult
DescriptionIncludes Olaplex®. Toner is not included.
Senior Stylist$90/$110/$130
Master Stylist$130/$150/$170
DescriptionIncludes Olaplex®. Toner is not included.
Senior Stylist$120 / $140 / $160
Master Stylist$160 / $180 / $200
DescriptionToner is not included
Senior StylistFrom $140
Master StylistFrom $200
Senior Stylist$50+
Description For any highlight service
Senior Stylist From $60
Master Stylist From $60
DescriptionFor any highlight service
All Levels of Stylist$80

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